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about us

The National Personal Training Institute

We are an Integrative educational platform, meticulously designed to give you the knowledge, awareness and networking, needed to thrive in the health, wellness and fitness industries.

Education is paramount in giving you the foundation necessary to become great! Don’t shortcut your career when that career has people entrusting you with their health, lives, and family members. You owe it to yourself to be your best. Get educated from the best.

The National Personal Training Institute is a community of health, wellness and fitness leaders globally. This community strengthens with each individual student and alumni’s expertise and knowledge. Our students’ interests, and experiences are valued, acknowledged and make us who we are today.

We teach you the art of science to transform yourself and others. The Diploma and Certification (CPT) programs will help you challenge conventional thought, and grow an open, crafted, success-geared mind, that is needed in helping clients achieve their individual goals. The hands-on education and practical experience, within the two programs, will help you define your niche and refine your skill set to achieve targetable and sustainable.


Become a Certified Personal Trainer in 3 Months!

The gym is your classroom.

Classes that fit your schedule

Early riser? We have morning classes available. Do you need an afternoon time? We have this option too!

Study Materials included

You get all the tools you need for success. Our coaches guide you every step of the way.

GYM membership INCLUDED

Before, In-between, or after your class. Workout in our top-notch facility, included in your tuition.